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Ce calendrier contient des activités de l’Ordre et des activités organisées par des fournisseurs externes. Les activités des fournisseurs externes sont présentées à titre informatif, dans le but de diversifier l’offre de formation. L’Ordre n’assure aucun contrôle dans le développement des activités offertes par des fournisseurs externes.  

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Building your Coaching and Mentoring Skills | Concordia Continuing Education

10 mars 2020 Formation externe


8:30 – 16:30



Date limite d'inscription

6 mars 2020


Concordia Continuing Education | Formation continue Concordia


Jane Reichman Van Toch, BCL., LL. B, MA


Downtown - Guy-Concordia

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495.00 $

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495.00 $

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Before Feb. 18, 2020


Jane Reichman Van Toch is a specialist in strengthening individual, team and organizational performance. She has over 25 years of professional practice within private and public organizations and institutions of higher education. She began her career as a practicing lawyer in the private sector, later transitioning to the role of educator/consultant in the areas of leadership, emotional intelligence and organizational development. Today, Jane provides training in leadership, emotional intelligence, performance management, coaching and mentoring, change management, conflict management, stress management, group dynamics and facilitation and teamwork. Let Jane coach you so you can coach others.