Temporary Permit

Les Marais, Alain Carle architecte
Photo: Adrien Williams

If you are a foreign architect who wishes to practice in Quebec for the purpose of carrying out a specific project, you may apply for a temporary permit in accordance with section 37 of the Charter of the French Language.

• the permit holder must be a natural person and not a legal person;

• the permit holder must work in direct collaboration with a member in good standing of the OAQ;

• knowledge of the French language as described in section 35 of the Charter is not a pre-requisite for this application;

• once a permit has been issued, it may be renewed three times for the same project; for each renewal, the holder must sit for an examination intended to test knowledge of the French language which is administered by the Office Québecois de la langue française (OQLF) in accordance with section 38 of the Charter.

Obtaining a passing grade on the French-language examination is not a prerequisite for the renewal of the permit. Information and a list of the documents which need to be submitted for the renewal of a permit can be viewed on the OQLF website.

The holder of a temporary permit is not entitled to open an architectural firm in Quebec.